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My Story & Mission

The force behind what I do

On December 5, 2017, my world changed forever. My father choked on food and passed away at the local McDonald's in Marina Del Rey. My father had a neuromuscular disorder that made his muscles weak and he utizlized a wheelchair for mobility.  Choking is something I always have feared with a toddler at home but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would tragically lose a parent this way. It didn't take long to discover that this happens all too often in restaurants and most businesses fear helping those in need when choking or in cardiac arrest.  It was disheartening to learn that most in restaurants are not trained in CPR and carry fear in relieving anyone who is in need.  Every second matters in an emergency. Months later, I was due for my CPR re-certification for my dental hygiene license and I signed up with a heavy heart to take a BLS class. Upon sitting in one class for almost 5 hours only to feel that I did not gain much knowledge of anything I set forth for another BLS class in the same month. The second class ended in an hour and I had never felt more frustrated and sensitive to the amount of classes conducted that fail to meet all guidelines and cover all material properly. I have fueled my grief and anger into action. This is where my journey began...

I searched for a training center in an effort to complete a more thorough course and at this stage I had gained interest in teaching what I was gaining a passion for. Fate led me to what I consider the best training center and coordinator out there. With over 200 instructors trained through her, my training center coordinator became not only my instructor but also my mentor and friend.  With 50yrs in the healthcare field as a nurse and CPR instructor, Gerri (my training center and coordinator) took me under her wings and not only trained me in high quality CPR and First Aid but also embodied a very patient approach in all my needs as an educator and soon to be instructor. I completed my training under her training center with confidence and hope to pass along my knowledge and skills to others in my community. 

My goal is to share my knowledge and passion with others who want to learn complete CPR AED and First Aid with or without ceritifcation. My mission is to reach out and educate local restaurants and other businesses on The Good Samaritan Law as well to inspire more businesses to train their staff in CPR AED.  Often times, people either do not know how to properly perform the steps in CPR or fear repercussions in touching and helping someone. I hope to remove both these roadblocks in my community in the way I teach.