CPR Covered provides CPR AED & First Aid Classes in El Segundo & surrounding areas

Westchester, El Segundo and South Bay Cities


My Story & Mission

The force behind what I do

My work as an educator and CPR Instructor is very personal to me. On December 5, 2017, my world changed forever after my father choked on food and passed away at the local McDonald's in Marina Del Rey, CA.  My father had a neuromuscular disorder (Kennedy's Disease) that made his muscles weak and he utilized a wheelchair for mobility. This was a life changing loss since he was the closest person to me and a sudden tragic loss.

At the age of 3.5 years old, I almost lost my life after choking on a lifesaver candy at my father's gas station as a child. My parents at the time felt so helpless and fortunately I was lucky to have been relieved just moments before I lost concousness. Decades later, we have come so far in our knowledge and practice of choking relief and CPR  AED. However, I feel I would have felt so helpless despite 12 years of classes I've had as a dental hygienist due to the quality of my classes. The standard and expectation of what "certifying" or "re-certifying in CPR" means has been shifted to the low end.  My mission is TO CHANGE THIS, one individual and business at a time.  My goal is to DELIVER HIGH QUALITY CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING and educate the public on our powerful Good Samaritan Law. 

Often times, people either do not know how to properly perform the steps in CPR or fear repercussions in touching and helping someone. I hope to remove both these roadblocks in my community in the way I teach.